I don\'t intend to create a real bilingual site - it\'s simply too much work to do. So this page will contain only general and short information about me, my work and my hobbies.

About me

I\'m undergraduate student of physics at department of physic at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. My hometown is Križevci, about 50 km away from Zagreb, where I often go over the weekend to party with my friends and see/say "hello" to my parents and younger sister.
I\'m interested in science things (mostly physics), computer programming (I\'m devoted to the open source movement, especially GNU/Linux and KDE) and, in free time, I\'m hanging around with my girlfriend Natasha or/and friends and playing guitar.




Computer programming

I\'m not so advanced programer, but I do know some tricks in C/C++, HTML/CSS, PHP and even Fortran. I developed rudimentary CMS for this site based on PHP with flat-file method of storing data. Maybe I\'ll give it later for free download.


The only work I published on this field is theme for KDE 3.5 (Here) and some wallpapers (nothing special). I wrote several articles about Linux and Fedora for beginners in non-Windows world, but only on Croatian.


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